Why Wear Motorcycle Helmets

 Why Wear Motorcycle Helmets

We all know that driving in two wheels is dangerous, and it is even more dangerous when you are driving in two wheels on a rush hour in busy streets. Any car can easily kids motorcycle helmets  take you down with just a slight bump, we all know what happens next when you get knocked out by a speeding vehicle in a busy street.

That is why safety precautions are always important, because accidents come without warning, and even the best drivers or riders in the world are not exempted from it.

Though most crashes cause fatal injuries in the body which often leads to disabilities, the TBI or traumatic brain injury is the most common after effect in motorbike accidents. This is usually caused by lack of protection on rider’s head, like helmets. Though our head is protected with a hard mass of bone called skull, a crash on the concrete or hard bump on the head can cause our brain to crash to our skull, this causes severe damage in the brain.

Traumatic brain injury are more common in grown-ups than children, though kids often experience head bumps riding their bikes in the neighborhood, motorbike accidents are simply on greater proportion than bicycle accidents.

Over the past years, there had been countless of documented studies regarding the damage motorbike accidents can cause to human brain, still, more and more motorcycle riding people get severe accidents every year just because of not wearing helmet.

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