Where to Eat in Phuket

 Where to Eat in Phuket

A lot has been written about where to eat in Phuket, but for the most part, it’s difficult to distinguish genuine restaurant reviews from paid advertorials and favorable articles.  รีวิวภูเก็ต There’s no doubt that Phuket has a diverse range of places to eat. From the most basic of street food right through to the most lavish of eateries, Phuket has a lot to offer even the most discerning of foodies.

Thailand is famous for its street food and though you won’t find the same kind of choice as you can in Bangkok, Phuket still has street food in abundance. You could spend days arguing about which street vendor does the best noodles or kao man gai, but ultimately, half the fun off eating off the street is in trying a variety of places and seeing which ones are best.

As a general rule of thumb for street food in Phuket, if you pass a place that is absolutely heaving, you can rest assured that that is one place worth eating at. The locals all have their favorite restaurants and they will eat at them regularly, often every day. Many street vendors at least have some pictures of food on their carts for people who can’t read Thai, so if you aren’t sure what or how to order, just point. If all else fails, point at someone else’s dish and see what you end up with.

There are plenty of interesting restaurants in Phuket. One of the best is Natural Restaurant in Phuket Town. The place looks as if it’s alive, with knick knacks everywhere. Walking through the restaurant is like climbing a tree house. Natural Restaurant is one of the best places in Phuket to sample the delights of Thai food.

One of Patong’s most popular restaurants is Coyote on the beach road. This restaurant serves up some of the best Mexican grub on the island. It’s a little pricey compared to eating local food, but for a special occasion it’s worth splashing out for.

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