What to Look For in a Flash Drive

 What to Look For in a Flash Drive

A USB Flash Drive is one of those things that everyone has and needs, but no one seems to know a whole lot about. For example, could you pull out one of your old flash drives and say how long it’s supposed to be able to hold data for? Or how about, Most durable memory chip

   could you tell how fast it will be? This article will give the reader common sense tips on how to buy the best USB key for the best price.

One of the main things a consumer should look for when buying a USB key is the read and write speeds. Before I didn’t know about read and write speeds I would just visit the local department store and buy any old flash drive. I would then get so frustrated at how slow it was compared to other flash drives I have had in the past. That was before I learned about getting the right read and write speeds. When buying a thumb drive, you want a read speed of 10-20 Mbps and a write speed of 3-9Mbps (look for Toshiba brand name memory chips). Obviously the higher the better, but those speeds are what quality flash drives are producing these days.

Next, the consumer wants to look at the material encompassing the USB thumb drive chip. After buying memory stick at a local department store that didn’t display it’s specifications, I went to another place and got a quality brand name USB thumb drive that was fast (in that 3-9Mbps write and 10-20 Mbps read speed). The only thing I didn’t pay attention to was the material it was made out of. It had been made by cheap plastic with cheap glue. It literally, and I emphasize literally, fell apart in my pocket after two weeks. I was absolutely shocked that such a high price, and well known brand name could fail me so terribly. I have found out through trial and error that the best and most durable USB flash drives are the one’s with a stainless steel structure with aluminum casing.

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