Tips On Replacing Broken Handles On Your Garden Tools

 Tips On Replacing Broken Handles On Your Garden Tools

The metal sections of hoes, weed planters, shovels and various other lawn accessories with wooden handles always tend to outlive the handle. A damage handle can typically cause the tool to be useless. Often it will be necessary  hacks for gardening to replace the defected tool, but this can be annoying if the tool is fairly new. However, using the right technique and tools, it is often possible to simply replace the handle.

The substitution handle will need to be made of hard wood, such as maple or ash. This has the potential to make the replacement more costly than is justified, but in many instances the cost is advisable. In order to provide the optimum stress resistance, any handle needs to be pre-treated, and coated to prevent premature rot.

The better tools are often joined using sturdy screws, and not rivets. This makes the task of handle replacement easier. Simply undo the screws and remove the damaged section. Some may be tightly wedged in.

Remove any remaining wooden fragments with a file or similar tool. The plan is simple: locate a new handle of the same dimensions, seat well, and return the screws.

If the substitute handle wasn’t pre-varnished or coated along the full length, coat with varnish and wait to dry prior to inserting. A further tip is to cover the portion within the metal sleeve. This will help to stop moisture from entering the wood.

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