Reduce Stress by Learning How to Delegate

 Reduce Stress by Learning How to Delegate

Here are the few good reasons on why delegating tasks helps reduce stress:

1 – Delegating in the family helps support and develop independence in your kids.

2 – Delegating helps promot breakfast delivery near me e and develop skills, competence, and initiative of coworkers.

3 – Delegating means you trust others, thus giving them confidence.

4 – Delegating makes you cooperate with others and it helps develop social activities.

5 – Delegating translates to simplifying your life and to focus on things that really matter.

How can you reduce stress by delegating effectively? Here’s how:

1 – Transfer responsibility. Children and coworkers usually respond positively when given responsibility. It’s imperative for you to remember not to dictate every step in tiny detail. For instance, if you send your kid shopping, give him or her, a list that leaves room for decisions (“your favorite sausage,” “a nice piece of fruit”). If you are not fully satisfied with your child’s choice, don’t say anything. Also, give your kid some room within which to exercise responsibility (“Don’t spend more than $10”).

2 – Delegate challenges. Don’t delegate with the thought “I must get rid of this unchallengeable task.” Instead, emphasize the appealing aspect of the job. In the shopping example mentioned, this might be “I’m interested to see whether you can take advantage of the special offers.”

3 – Delegate bigger responsibilities with interim goals. It is very worthwhile to delegate medium and long-term responsibilities. Allow adequate time and check regularly to ensure that the other person is not overworked. For instance, an archive for briefs has to be organized and the time required for the job has been estimated at six days. On the second day, check whether your coworker has completed a third. If not, encourage him or her. It’s not a good idea to wait until the 6th day to check if everything is finished.

4 – Delegate in your private life. The time you spend at home is valuable – being with your spouse, your kids, friends, physical fitness, self-improvement, meditation, and many other activities are priceless. Instead, you spend a huge chunk of your time shopping, housework, cleaning, and repairs.

Have things delivered. There is an increasing number of bookstores, both conventional and online, that deliver books directly to your house. You can place orders via phone or fax, email or online. If you have your newspaper delivered, why not have the bread delivered as well? Ask around or look in the yellow pages to find out whether there is a breakfast delivery service in the area. This will save you the time and effort from making special trips to the bakery.

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