Proven, Practical Tactics For Agile IT Release Management – Definitions and Triage

 Proven, Practical Tactics For Agile IT Release Management – Definitions and Triage

Overview: This article is the second in a series of five which explain how an IT organization delivered a release management process that exceeded its management’s

  expectations and provided a foundation for continued success. The series includes:

How did we get here – THE CONTEXT

First solution steps – DEFINITIONS AND TRIAGE

Intake and Release Planning – THE CORE SOLUTION

Production Change Control – FINAL QUALITY CONTROL

Metrics and Insights – LESSONS LEARNED

Summary: Many Information Technology organizations flounder when they are tasked to understand, organize and implement numerous changes to the system and application software serving their clients and end customers over a period of several years. This second article focuses on the very first steps of the solution I developed for the Release Management consulting engagement. Please refer to the first Article – THE CONTEXT for a full discussion of the problem domain and organization.   What was the secret sauce that made Release Management a success? The answer begins with core problem analysis, proposed solutions and a triage effort. 

Core Problem Analysis:   The company and its IT department clearly wanted a solution implemented that avoided historical mistakes. As a retained consultant, I conducted a series of one-on-one interviews, examined remnants of Change Control documents from a predecessor, investigated commercial off-the-shelf packages for both processes and operational tracking, and discovered the following core problems. 

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