Online Anonymity and Facebook Security – How to Make Yourself Protected

 Online Anonymity and Facebook Security – How to Make Yourself Protected

Facebook is so popular nowadays that almost anyone on the Internet has a Facebook page. Why not? Facebook is an efficient advertising tool for online businesses. Ordinary Internet users also find Facebook the perfect place to keep in touch with friends and families online. It brings families closer together and keeps friends updated with each other.

Statistics reveal that Facebook has more than 250 million active users, more than 1 billion photos get uploaded each month by its users, and 70% of them use applications like games and quizzes. Unluckily, most of these users are not aware of the implications of entering personal anonymity information, making friends, and playing games on Facebook. Facebook is open to abuse, often to a very damaging level. A lady was hacked to death when a stalker found where she lived after she posted her home alone status on Facebook.

Spending a few minutes of your time checking your Facebook privacy settings and making sure that you are not vulnerable of any unscrupulous online activities is all worth it. Here are very simple tips on keeping your online anonymity while on Facebook.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Anyone you accept as a friend will have access to any information about you including photos you uploaded and marked as viewable by friends. Your page is like an open book to them, and they can see everything that is posted. That said, you need to be very careful about accepting friend requests of people you don’t personally know. You don’t have to befriend someone just because he is a friend of your friend.

It is also a good idea to organize your friends in lists. This way you can easily ‘unfriend’ groups of people at one time should you change your mind about them. You can also label people in your list as “limited friends” whose access to your profile is limited to a cut-down version.

Make Your Page Invisible to Searches

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