London Covent Garden is the Most Exciting Place in the West End

London Covent Garden is the Most Exciting Place in the West End

London Covent Garden is a tourist hot point in Central London and it is considered the heart of the West End. It gets more than 30 million visitors each year from  London make up Artist  around the world. London itself is considered the most visited city in the world and many of the visitors are always eager to visit the Covent Garden area. The Hotels in the Covent Garden area are a bit pricey because of the high demand for room in the area.

What should one expect to find in The London West End area? The area is not only about the Piazza. Many artists come to the area to exhibit their talents. This is the only area in Central London which is licensed for street entertainments and therefore during the day, one will find a lot of street performers entertaining the crowd. The performances include dancing, singing, juggling, etc. You will also find magicians, comedians and classical music performers. All of these add a fantastic atmosphere to the lovely London area. Sometimes, you will have sweat before you can get a better spot to watch some of the very appealing performances.

In Central London and especially in the West End, the Covent Garden is the best area for shopping outside the Oxford Street. You will have to be in area to appreciate how great the markets are. There are many shops including some of the High Street names. Some of the indoor stalls even offer unique gifts to customers as souvenirs. This London West End spot is a great place to spend your afternoons as a tourist. You can wander round and finally come to relax with some coffee or a glass of wine in one of the many cafes or restaurants. You will also fine pubs on every street corner in the area. The London transport Museum is also located in the area.

Regardless of the fact that the area is very touristy, many Londoners do visit the place every weekend and stay in some of  Garden. There are more than thousand places to eat and drink from in the area. Night life in the Covent Garden area is fabulous as there are many restaurants and drinking spots. There are also many historic theatres and cinemas. The Royal Opera Theatre is located in the area

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