Hypnosis – The Stage Hypnotist

 Hypnosis – The Stage Hypnotist

A stage hypnotist, as well as a clinical hypnotherapist, uses his ability to read people and their body language. This skill enables him to be in the forefront in exposing this Stage Hypnotist UK  amazing, fascinating and thought-provoking phenomenon to the public. Hypnosis is also used successfully as a wonderful therapeutic tool. However, it was the stage hypnotist with his mysterious, and what seemed to be magical, demonstrations that elevated it to the status of an art form. Because every show is different and fascinating, people continue to seek this type of entertainment over and over again. Since the show involves audience participation, no one knows what surprises they may experience.

I was very fortunate to have taken classes from Ormond McGill, who wrote the book on stage hypnosis, when little to no information could be found on the subject. I chose to focus on the therapeutic uses as a clinical hypnotherapist. I believe the human mind is delicate and hypnosis should never be used as a “toy.” However, the stage hypnotist is also a professional who took years to perfect his art and to obtain the skills it takes to demonstrate the magic-of-the-mind, using hypnosis.

First, he must learn the psychological skills it takes to induce hypnosis. He must also recognize the signs and states to be able to utilize his ability while multi-tasking, as he keeps a close eye on the body language of several people and the subtle nuances displayed by each one. He has to do all of this while doing a dynamic induction, compounding his suggestions, while performing and keeping his audience engaged. This must all be flawless and done with the utmost of confidence. His instructions and suggestions must be spoken in a kind, calm, positive tone, without haste or raising his voice. He must leave no room for doubt about his authority and, in fact, expects his suggestions to be obeyed.

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