How Yoga and Weight Loss Are Directly Interrelated?

 How Yoga and Weight Loss Are Directly Interrelated?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “to join and unite,” traces its roots from ancient India and is still practiced not just by Indians but by people all throughout the Yoga  world. Yoga in India is practiced for spiritual reasons, to achieve spiritual peace. Yoga also involves breathing exercises and meditation and is used to relieve stress which in turn calms the mind and the soul.

Outside India, yoga is used as an exercise through different asanas or commonly known as poses. In Western countries, yoga and weight loss is closely associated with each other. People do yoga exercises to loose weight without straining themselves unlike other weight loss exercises. Aside from weight loss, yoga can improve your posture, flexibility, strengthens your body and makes you feel calm. Different groups of people practice yoga like pregnant women and now even kids. Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna are just two of the many dedicated Yoga practitioners. This article will show how yoga and weight loss are directly interrelated and losing weight with yoga is truly effective.

Before starting any yoga exercise, you must wear proper clothing and have the basic supplies. You must remove all jewelries when practicing yoga. Wear something comfortable, not too tight nor too loose. No shoes or slippers. The most basic yoga supply that you have to get yourself is a yoga mat. A good yoga mat will prevent you from slipping when changing posture. Some have blocks and straps to assist you for difficult poses.

For beginners, you can practice yoga for 20-30 minutes with a 10 minutes breathing or calming exercise where you just have to lie down and just relax. So, how does yoga make you loose weight?

Yoga requires that you hold each pose for quite a few period of time. Holding a certain posture for some time strengthens your muscles. In the long run of continuous practice, yoga can tone your muscles. With deep breathing, your blood flows well in your arteries. Some poses requires you to carry your own body weight thus giving you lifting exercise.

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