How to Use Scarcity To Increase Your Art Sales

 How to Use Scarcity To Increase Your Art Sales

It’s a known fact: we tend to want what we can’t have. We also want what is rare, hard to find or acquire, and unique. When something is a dime a dozen down at the corner store and everyone who wants one can have it, it becomes less valuable in  Art of causes our eyes. It’s a tried-and-true principle that has been used over and over again in sales, and you can use it, too.

So how can you use scarcity to increase your art sales? By finding creative ways of making your art just a little more special, and maybe even just a little more difficult to acquire. You don’t want to overdo it – you still want your art to be accessible to people. However, just the right mixture of availability and scarcity can boost your sales.


Price your art so high that nobody but the wealthy can afford it (unless of course you are already famous and your paintings are selling like hot cakes.)

Price your art too low so that the value is lost.


Make different options available at different price points. Original fine art should have a higher price tag based on how much time and talent went into it. Offer high quality giclées and prints of your work at various sizes and prices so that people who don’t have as much money can still purchase your work and enjoy it.

Sell only a limited number of each print – and make sure that you number and sign each one on the back. If only a certain number is printed, it creates scarcity and brings the value of your work up. You don’t have to raise the prices because they are limited edition – they are simply more likely to sell.

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