Home Series (1 of 3): Receiving a Gun Safe

Gun Safes can be an invaluable asset in your home. They can safely secure all of your fire arms and ammunition, and some people even purchase them for other items such as jewelry, money or important documents. They can be bought through some local retailers, but many go online for better prices as well as selection. No matter where you purchase your safe, you are going to need to have it delivered and possibly set up in your home. Here are some  6.5 Creedmoor ammo tips to receive a gun safe.

Gun safes are usually delivered to the curb side at the end of your driveway. You usually have the responsibility of moving the safe from there into your home. These safes can weigh from a few hundred pounds to well over a thousand pounds, so if you need to have someone install it after you receive a safe, you will have to make prior arrangements with the company you purchased it from, or the delivery company. In many cases there is a charge for the set up, but it can be well worth the extra money.

When your gun safes arrive, before you receive a gun safe, you should always check the bill of lading. This is important because this tells you all about the safe, as well as confirmation that you have received your merchandise. If there is a problem, like it is not the one you ordered, don’t sign anything. If you have ordered any accessories, these should also be included on the list. Then you should also carefully inspect the safe itself, as well as any accessories, to make sure everything is there, and that it arrived in good condition. The first place to start is with the packaging itself. If there are any obvious signs of damage, then you shouldn’t accept it. If there is any damage, then you need to inspect the safe itself, to see how badly it was damaged. Any damage should be noted in as much detail as possible on the bill of lading. This is very important, because if you accept the safe, then you have to deal with any damages that may have incurred. If there is anything more than minor problems, then you shouldn’t accept delivery, have them send it back, and contact your supplier to work out these problems. If you have just minor problems, in many case you can contact the safe company and they will send you a repair or touch up kit for free. No matter what, you should always keep the packaging materials in case there is a problem later on and you have to have an inspection, or send it back.

There are many places for a gun safe at home make sure you know where it’s going ahead of time, if the delivery is just to your door then you will have to rent or find a dolly to transport it safely into your home to place it where you want it. If this means that your gun safes are going upstairs or down in a basement, then you have to make sure that your hand truck is large enough to accommodate the weight of the safe itself. If you are having a professional install the safe, then you have to make arrangements ahead of time to ensure they show up when the safe arrives.

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