Guide to Buy Online Bedlinen – Types of Bed Linen Available!

 Guide to Buy Online Bedlinen – Types of Bed Linen Available!

In order to buy online bed linen, it is important that you should know the different types of linen available. Without knowing these, you may end up buying the wrong bed linen for yourself. Buying good quality bed linen is not only important for the aesthetics of your bed, but it is also important for your skin and health. Poor quality bed linen often LINENS & HUTCH  results in skin rashes and allergies. Thus, the only way you can avoid scratching yourself mad is by going to markets with a preset mind of what exactly you want to buy. And, you can only be sure of what you want to buy after knowing the types. So, here they are:

Raw Linen:

Raw linen was initially not mass produced because there was hardly any market for it. But today, it is being produced that way, and people are buying it as well. The whole fad of going green has compelled people to buy organic stuff, and raw linen is one of them. This fabric is basically a mixed material which has percentages of flax, bamboo, cotton and hemp. Raw linen is sturdy and lasts for long. However, it is difficult to maintain as it gets wrinkled easily.

Cotton Linen:

Cotton linen is great for anyone who likes soft bed sheets that are easier to wash. There are two major varieties of cotton bed linen – Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton. Make sure that whatever you buy of these is 100% cotton.


Flannel is probably the best fabric to go for during the winter season. Flannel is warm, so flannel bed sheets can provide you with that long desired warmth and comfort during winters.


Silk is the all-time most lavish and classy fabric for bed linens. But, maintaining silk bed linen can be difficult as silk is hard to clean. Silk is slippery and can get stained easily as well. Only if you can manage the time and cost required to maintain silk bed linen will it be a good idea to choose bed linen made of this material.


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