Finding Top Programmers – A Guide to Hiring the Best Developers

 Finding Top Programmers – A Guide to Hiring the Best Developers

Finding the best programmers can be a daunting task. For non-technical people like entrepreneurs and small business owners, the job can be downright nerve racking. People modular building   search for the one elusive “Super Developer” or “Uber Programmer” to solve all their software problems, in half the time, with no bugs. These super programmers do exist. I’ve met them. I’ve lived with them. They live on a different plane than us mere mortals. And they all work at Google.

But you can find excellent developers who will complete projects in a timely fashion, with the desired specifications. One key to finding awesome developers is knowing how to evaluate them. This article will help you through the process of selecting programmers with the right qualities.

Because everybody’s into acronyms let’s coin one to describe the traits of an excellent developer – JUICED (despite the word’s negative connotation with steroid use and OJ Simpson.) Although you don’t want your programmers to kill to get code out on time, you are looking for somebody aiming for the goal post.


Let’s start with J (being the first letter in the word “Juiced”) which represents Judgment. Not judgment as in you’re waiting till judgment day for your web developer to finish the project. Judgment as in your programmers have good judgment and they exercise it. To emphasize why judgment is so important I’ll let you in one big secret of software development:

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