Clear Understanding Of Your Dreams Without Mostly Futile Dream Analysis

 Clear Understanding Of Your Dreams Without Mostly Futile Dream Analysis

Your nightly dreaming is possibly the most creative, spontaneous thing you do in your life. These dreams present a wonderful opportunity to find missing and disowned parts White Runtz  of your true self.

When your self censoring mode is off in the dream state, certain people, symbols, feelings and meanings will emerge. Often you awake from a dream quite puzzled about what you have experienced.

You may have managed to repress certain strong feelings in your waking hours but left unbridled and able to roam in the dream state, they will always emerge. It may take some courage to face these holes in your personality but there is immense potential for self discovery when these dreams are experienced in the present moment. It is possible to re-experienced the dream using the following technique.

Begin taking advantage of this simple but amazing technique to allow yourself to recapture these lost parts of your personality. Choose a vivid dream you recall, whether it occurred last night or decades ago. Often the more bizarre and confusing the dream may be, the more vital information it contains.

Make a mental note of all the individual parts of the dream. All the people, places and things. For example, I may dream that I was in an old blue truck that was parked outside a cottage. On the seat next to me was a chain saw and a pair of work boots. The sky was cloudy and it looked about ready to rain. Approaching the truck and carrying a potted plant was someone who resembled a former teacher. I awake feeling completely bewildered by this dream.

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