Ceiling Lights – Choosing the Best Type for Your Home

Ceiling Lights – Choosing the Best Type for Your Home

Ceiling lights that would be best for your home depend on certain factors. Aside from your room’s overall design, the size of your room and the height of its ceiling are Ceiling mounted spotlight

  essential. For instance, an ornate chandelier would be too much for a relatively small area and a low ceiling. The function of the room should also be fully considered. Work rooms, such as laundry areas and kitchens, should have lighting that is more functional than aesthetic. You also need to know the many lighting options you have in stores today to help you decide which would work best for your home.

Perhaps, the most commonly used among all ceiling lights is fluorescent lighting. It gives you strong lighting that is needed by laundry rooms, libraries, garages and other work rooms. Available in any hardware or home store, fluorescent light is preferred over incandescent bulbs due to its energy efficiency. A common style of fluorescent lighting is the flush mounted light fixture. The favorite style of flush mounted lights is the inverted bowl, although you can also find them in disc shapes and square boxes. While it is widely used in many areas of the house, it is skipped for bedrooms and living rooms by people who would like a certain ambience in these particular areas.

Track lighting was once almost exclusively used by galleries and for showcasing specific objects or features in an area. This is a series of elegantly lined up spotlights with movable heads. Aside from accentuating a certain portion of the room, it is now also used to produce strong lighting for offices, kitchens and living rooms.

Another popular choice among ceiling lights today is pendant lighting, which may be a simple globe light suspended from the ceiling or an elaborate chandelier with multiple globes and jewels hanging from an equally decorated mount. From pool tables to dining areas, pendant lighting provides enough illumination, while creating some atmosphere. A wide variety of pendant lighting styles and sizes can be seen in almost any store.

Recessed downlights are now used in many master’s bedrooms, as it gives off an intimate and romantic air. It is mainly halogen or LED lamp in a small casing and set flush into the ceiling. You can even have them with dimmers so you can change their brightness, depending on your requirement.

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