Boarder Town Melee (1927) and Two Poems

 Boarder Town Melee (1927) and Two Poems



dying in the bar

[sluggish .458 socom ammo ly]


I would crawl too

upto the bar,

it was everything, the dampness

the carved wood

the zoned-out-ness in my head

dreaming; it was better than death?

then I took another drink…so many

I never moved much, like dead fish.

my head split like an ass

it was numb and, nothing else

numbness was my home

across the street, dancing

on the patio

the moon was out…they saw

me, and kept


as I wished I had another drink…!

#682 5/05


Doña Leonor’s Revenge

(1627 AD)

Rafael Ortiz’s fate

Was on the plate

Of Doña Leonor’s

When she arrived

In Lima, Peru;

To taste revenge

For the beheading

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