Air Filters For Cars – What Kinds Of Air Filters For Cars Are There?

 Air Filters For Cars – What Kinds Of Air Filters For Cars Are There?


Air Filters For Cars – A Little Understanding

The filter is one of a car engine’s most important parts, since it makes sure that clean air enters araba filtresi  the engine together with the fuel. Air filters for cars are usually prepared using fiber and woven fabric, which are very effective materials when it comes to removing dirt and small particles during air intake.

This is a very important task since these particles can be very harmful to your car’s engine if not removed.

There are three kinds of air filters for cars and you can learn more about them by reading on:

• Car engines usually use paper filters to filtrate dirt and small particles. Air is allowed to pass through it and at the same time, the small fragments are filtered so that they will not go further down the engine. These are not reusable and have to be replaced every now and then.

• Cleanable filters are also available. They are more expensive compared to paper air filters but their cost is counterbalances with its efficiency. You don’t even have to bother on replacing it frequently since they can be cleaned. It works by means of breathable filter standard which is usually drenched in oil. This type of filter paper uses the principle used by fly papers. Big particles are seized while the hanging oil is the one responsible for catching the finer particles. Cleanable filters should be cleaned and re-oiled regularly for efficient performance.

• The oil bath filter is the last and least efficient of air car filters that are available. Oil bath and a huge mesh are used to seize big particles. They are also used to capture any dirt that goes through the car air intake filter.

Usually, an arrangement of different kinds of air filter

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